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 Pre Game vomit

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Matt Elrod


Join date : 2016-03-02

PostSubject: Pre Game vomit   Thu Mar 03, 2016 9:03 am

I will make my confessionals at the end of the rounds so I can put them all in minimum amount of posts. My whorish ways will go less noticed thos time round.

I'm so hot but sadly my best sex shots are too big for the avatar thing. I'm sure you know what that means...too big Wink.

First impressions is that Joaquin is trying too hard and winning most annoying already. Neleh is the only one I'm really talking to, and Natalie. I googled her and saw some hot Miss Universe looking girl but then she added an avatar, guess there's 2 Danielle Anderson's. Fail
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Jeff Probst

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PostSubject: Re: Pre Game vomit   Thu Mar 03, 2016 9:14 am

t.ears you should watch the season with Natalie. She was a g.oddess and the best winner of the last 6 seasons I think.
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Matt Elrod


Join date : 2016-03-02

PostSubject: Re: Pre Game vomit   Thu Mar 03, 2016 9:37 am

Girl the only season I watched was the one Vecepia won. Lmao
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Jeff Probst

Join date : 2016-02-22

PostSubject: Re: Pre Game vomit   Thu Mar 03, 2016 10:23 am

Wow, I didnt know you didnt watch the show lol

I remember that season, 14 years ago, I was probably Laughing
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Matt Elrod


Join date : 2016-03-02

PostSubject: Re: Pre Game vomit   Sat Mar 05, 2016 1:46 pm

Pre Game Vomit 2

The tribes have not been determined yet but I'm already making friends, and maybe enemies. I find Joaqueen and Tyler repulsive in every way, but I really like Neleh, Natalie and Lisa. I'm going to also form a random love story with Denise. I'm also going to request a room for all the guys but not admit it was me. I want chaos!!!

As of today, Neleh is my #1 bae.

Pre Game Vomit 3

The cast seems to be just about capacity now. I have to be careful, I'm already top poster. I don't even get how that happens. I barely posted anywhere but the main thread. It's really annoying, I have things to say but have to loom in the background and keep quiet.

Morgan is causing a stor with her pillows. Not really impressed by them presonally. I much rather schnuggle with Denise Smile. I'm really wondering if I'll be Brawn or Beauty. It's scary because the people who could be Beauty with me all kind of suck.

Pre Game Vomit 4

We got broken into tribes and I have to laugh at my luck. Matt could be Brawn and he could be Beauty. I ended up on Beauty. Let's go ahead with a cast assessement before I get to my tribemates.

Neleh Dennis: My main squeeze
Natalie Anderson: One of the few people I've talked game with
Jefra Bland: I like her so far, she's been real
Denise Stapley: My random ally and cuddle buddy
Lisa Whelchel: Seems nice but will probably float
Jay Byars: Sounds cool enough, but I haven't talked with him at all
Jean-Robert Bellande: He seems ok
Morgan McLeod: Hmmm, she ok
Tasha Fox: Have not talked to Tasha but she at least posted
Jon Misch: Meathead? I have no idea about him
John Cody: Irrelevent at this point
Cliff Robinson: See John Cody
Tyler Fredrickson: Not as annoying as Joaquin but he's pretty annoying
Sugar Kiper: She has yet to log in
Heidi Strobel: And then we have Heidi the weirdo
Joaquin Souberbielle: Super annoying and first our if I had my way

I also made it easy and put them in order of who I trust most to least, like most to least. Now on to who I ended up getting as tribemates.

I sadly didn't get Neleh or Natalie, my top 2, but I lucked out and got Jefra (I keep calling her Jafra and I keep thinking of Aladdin's Jafar). Moving down the list, it looks like I won't do much cuddling with Denise, she's over on Brawn. Next I got Jay and Morgan which are both average at this point in my book. I didn't do great but not that bad, until I saw Joaquin and Heidi were the last 2. All I can do is hope the other 3 are willing to get them out. I will literally cut myself if I have to be on a tribe with either for very long or much worse, if they vote me out.

Pre Game Vomit 5

I started a conversation with Jay after seeing us on the same tribe. I thought what a great opportunity to say hello. He was receptive and from that, an alliance blossomed. While I was talking to Jay, Jefra got on and we talked some more. I confided that I was talking with Jay and she agreed we should align with him. Jefra also made my day by admitting she didn't much like Joaquin and Heidi. I talked it out with both Jefra and Jay and we all agree we need Morgan as a 4th vote. She's very short in her replies and it takes her forever to reply. By the time I get the chance to ask her about an alliance, the game will be at FTC. Is it safe to make a room with the 4 of us and just add her without consent? Jay made a valid point when he told me we should vote Heidi out first to keep numbers on the mens side of things, then we vote Joaquin.

Pre Game Vomit 6

Sometimes things come out of nowhere. That's the case for Garma. I woke up to a message from Sugar this morning. She finally logged on and somehow decided that she wanted to align with me. I don't know if she did this to everyone else, but I felt special Laughing.

From Sugar:

Quote :
Matt's cute. He deserved a more loyal blonde ally than Andrea. Good luck in the game <3

I replied:

Quote :
Is that an offer Sugar? I feel I should be on Brawn with you

From that point on, Garma was formed. I don't know how much trust I can put into her, but I am for now. Neleh remains my main ally but she's rather quiet even though I see her on. It's good to keep Sugar as a backup for now.
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PostSubject: Re: Pre Game vomit   

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Pre Game vomit
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