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 Game week #2

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Matt Elrod


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PostSubject: Game week #2   Mon Mar 07, 2016 10:36 pm

Game Week 2

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I like to base myself on first impressions and I like to stick to my day 1 allies, but sometimes things change. It's why Survivor is different than Big Brother too. In BB, you can stay united with your allies. IN Survivor, tribes puts you in a situation of survival with the elements you have at your disposition. This is happening for me right now. As much as I like Neleh and Natalie, I am growing closer to Jefra and Jay. We are doing well on our tribe and solidifying an alliance every day. Morgan is kind of just there.

Post 2

Oh Heidi, you're really overplaying it and being everything but beautiful and smart.

Post 3

I don't know if I reallty want to win tonight. I want Neleh and Natalie safe and I could really use to shed some dead TUBUH tub weight.

Post 4

Natalie told me she was at risk of going home tonight and I told Neleh I would help Lisa win since she won't be there. I helped Sugar and Lisa yesterday, I hope I won't get caught.

Post 5

An easy win once again. I was shaking in my boots a little to blow my cover. I don't know much about Survivor and didn't want my tribemates to notice. Thank God the first one seemed easy to google. Heidi and JoJo actually helped and are becoming, how do I say it, endearing in their own way? In other news, I won the idol. I don't know how I got Marilyn and it was actually right, but God bless Marilyn Monroe.

Post 6

I told Neleh I would help Lisa, I did the same yesterday, but like yesterday she is not getting it. I see she read my PM and it's been 10 minutes and no updates. Unless Jeff is just being lazy, Lisa is throwing. Now I'm really worried she will rat me out for sending her the answers once we won.

Post 7

I couldn't quite decide but I knew I had to take a leap and tell someone about my idol. I told Jefra. I'm hoping this doesn't bite me in the butt later, or even now for that matter.
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Game week #2
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