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 Game week #1

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Matt Elrod


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PostSubject: Game week #1   Mon Mar 07, 2016 8:43 pm

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I have a solid foursome with Morgan, Jay and Jefra. I'm starting to really get along with Jefra and Jay. This will be tricky later with Neleh and Natalie.

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Jojo says he won't be here for the challenge. He's messaged me asking me if I have beef with him. In a politically correct way I told him he was annoying but that I was mainly messing around. Little does he know he is about to go if we lose more than once.

Post 3

What an easy win. I wonder what kind of players we're facing because that was just too easy. I guess it makes for a quiet night and day now.

Post 4

This clue, I feel like it's more than just Hollywood. I feel like it's something in the picture I'm overlooking. I saw 730 on the bus, thought maybe the number of Survivor people. I counted and there's barely 380 so that's not it. Brains lost and while I'm sure Neleh is fine, I hope they don't blindside me and vote her out.
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Game week #1
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