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 Immunity Challenge #4

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Jeff Probst
Jeff Probst

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Immunity Challenge #4 Empty
PostSubject: Immunity Challenge #4   Immunity Challenge #4 EmptyWed Mar 09, 2016 4:40 pm

Immunity Challenge #4 JTnufU3

Come on in, guys!

Beauty and Brains tribe taking their first look at the new Brawn tribe, John voted out at the last tribal council.

Tonight's challenge is the food challenge. Lucky for you, you will not be asked to eat these local delicacies but instead, asked to recognize them from the pictures I will post, and post their name IN THIS THREAD first to score a point for your tribe. The goal of this challenge is to be the first TWO tribes to collect 4 points, or you could say the first two tribes that have 4 people from each tribe successfully finish their plate of "food".

Quote :

-You can only post ONCE per round.

-You will score a point if you are the FIRST person to post the correct answer. So if Tyler posts first, he scores for Brains. But if Sugar posts first, she scores for Brawn.

-If you score a point for your tribe, you CANNOT answer in the following round. So if Sue gets a point in round 1, she must skip round 2, but shes free to post again in round 3.

-If two members of the same tribe tie for first, you will only score one point. If two members of two different tribes tie for first, each of their tribes gets a point.

-Each round will last 2 minutes. If no tribe has managed to score a point by then, we will move on to the next round.

-Your answer must be the same that I have in my answer sheet. I know this might be hard if I post a picture of a worm and expect a specific answer. So to help with this, below each picture I will post the first letter of the name of that delicacy (or of each word, if more than one word) , along with the country it is popular in. For example:

C______ M_______, Italy

To score a point, someone on  your tribe must post Casu Marzu first.

-I am not going to be too strict on spelling or capitalization as long as I know what you are talking about.

The winning two tribes will be the two that manage to collect 4 points each. As for the losing tribe, you get nothing but a date with me at tribal council where someone will become the 4th person voted out of this game.

I'll give you 10 minutes to strategize and ask questions, then we will get started.

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Jeff Probst
Jeff Probst

Join date : 2016-02-22

Immunity Challenge #4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Immunity Challenge #4   Immunity Challenge #4 EmptyWed Mar 09, 2016 5:26 pm

Fried Sago Worms
F____ S_____ W_____-Malaysia

Roasted Bat
R______ B_____- indonesia

Fried Tarantula
F______ T______-Cambodia


Witchetty Grub
W_______ G___-Australia



Tuna eyeball
T_____ E______-Japan



Blood Tofu
B_____ T_____-China

Wasp Crackers
W____ C_____-Japan

Fried Cow's Udder
F_____ C___'s U_____-Germany

Fried Rattlesnake
F_____ R_______-United States
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Immunity Challenge #4
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