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 Immunity Challenge #3

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Jeff Probst
Jeff Probst

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Immunity Challenge #3 Empty
PostSubject: Immunity Challenge #3   Immunity Challenge #3 EmptyTue Mar 08, 2016 2:48 pm

Come on in guys!

Brains and Beauty tribes, taking your first look at the new Brawn tribe, Denise voted out at the last tribal council

This challenge will require you to work with your team to ensure victory. You've had two rounds when only one person neeed to step up to the plate, but tonight, the more people you have here, the better your chances of winning.

In a few minutes, I will post the names of 10 Survivor tribes from all over the years. Since there are 10 names and 5 members per tribe, each tribe member will be responsible for sending me TWO names.

The names will be scrambled though, so your first task will be to unscramble them, and then assign two names to each tribe member.

Quote :

You must submit your answers to me via PM on this forum!!! I am not checking IMDb for answers.

Title of PM can be anything.

You must send the names in order, one person at a time. So, the first tribe member will send names 1 and 2. Once he/she sends (up to you to tell your teammates once you have sent), then the next person will send and so on.

In the event you have one or more players missing, you can assign someone to send again, BUT ONLY after everyone who is here tonight from your team has sent once.

IF your tribe sends out of order (meaning someone sends names 1 and 2 and the next person sends names 5 and 6, you will be asked in your tribe area to start again)

My PM inbox will be quite hectic during this challenge, so I ask to PLEASE NOT SEND ME ANY PMs NOT RELATED TO THIS CHALLENGE UNTIL AFTER THE CHALLENGE IS OVER. If you have questions or concerns, I will be on skype (henryd.88), you can ask me there.

The winning two tribes will be the ones that succesfully finish this challenge in first and second place. The tribe that finishes last will get nothing but a date with me at tribal council where somebody from that tribe will become the third person voted out of this game.

I'll give you all 12 minutes to strategize and ask questions, then we will get started
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Immunity Challenge #3
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