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 Immunity Challenge #1

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Jeff Probst
Jeff Probst

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Immunity Challenge #1 Empty
PostSubject: Immunity Challenge #1   Immunity Challenge #1 EmptySun Mar 06, 2016 7:35 am

Immunity Challenge #1 Probstidols

Come on in guys!

Welcome to your first Immunity Challenge. Because it is the first one, I decided to go easy on you, and like I said, not everyone needs to be here tonight for it.

This challenge consists of two parts. The first part will be 5 questions, all related to the Survivor US TV show. Once you have correctly answered the 5 questions, you must then find the hidden word in those answers with the clues given.

For example, if the question is:

Where was Survivor: Second Chance filmed at? (3rd letter)

The answer would be Cambodia (M)

Once you have all 5 answers to the questions, collected all 5 letters, and solved the mystery word, ONE PERSON will be responsible for sending me the answers to the questions, PLUS THE MYSTERY WORD AS THE TITLE OF YOUR PM

But keep in mind the following rules:

Quote :

You must send your answers to me via PM

The mystery word MUST BE THE TITLE OF YOUR PM. If you dont do that, you will be asked to resend, costing you precious time.

Only one person from each tribe needs to send an answer sheet. If more than one person sends, only your first submission will count. So team communication is crucial.

Spelling obviously counts, cuz if you spell something wrong you might struggle to get the right mystery word.

Your answers MUST match exactly what I have. I got all my answers from the Survivor wiki and I expect you to do the same. I will not count answers from any other site if they are different from mine, even if they are also correct.

If you have the correct mystery word, but one or more of your answers are incorrect, you will be asked to resend, also costing you precious time.

The winning two tribes will be the ones that finish this challenge in first and second place after I post the questions. The tribe that finishes last will get nothing but a date with me at tribal council, where someone will become the first person voted out of Survivor Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty.

If for some reason, it is taking a long time to get two winning tribes, the challenge will have a time limit of 30 minutes. If by that time only one tribe is immune, then only one tribe will win immunity and the other two will have to go to tribal council  affraid

I will give you 10 minutes to ask questions and strategize, then we will get started.

Question: In what country was Survivor Cagayan filmed? (6th letter)


Question: The 5th Episode of the 29th Season was called what? (3rd Letter of 3rd word)

Blood is Blood

Question: Who was the last jury member of Survivor: Blood vs Water? (Season 27) (First letter of last name)

Tina Wesson

Question: What was the name of the merged tribe in Survivor: Caramoan? (First letter of second word)

Enil Edam

Question: Which Kaoh Rong castaway callas Freehold, NJ their hometown? (7th letter of last name)

Michele Fitzgerald

Mystery Word: POWER
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Immunity Challenge #1
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