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 Episodes Thread (rough drafts)

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Jeff Probst
Jeff Probst

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PostSubject: Episodes Thread (rough drafts)   Episodes Thread (rough drafts) EmptyWed Mar 30, 2016 10:04 am

18 strangers have been divided into three groups,to represent the quality they most rely on in their daily lives...

The BRAIN tribe: with an average IQ of over 9,000 this group uses their intellect to accomplish their goals...

shot of TYLER FREDRICKSON looking out the window of the boat *

shot of LISA WHELCHEL reading On The Origin of Species by Darwin

The BEAUTY tribe: this group includes a cheerleader, a teen show TV star, and a fashion  model. They rely on their looks to get what they want.

Confessional: Heidi

So I am on the beauty tribe, even though we all know I am the smartest and strongest as well. But I guess beauty trumps all. The rest of my tribe though, not so sure about.  [smile]

Confessional: Jay

I professionally model and the girls here won't be able to resist my charm. I'm really going to have to put in some work so my beautiful face is everyone's ideal F2.

The BRAWN tribe: this group relies on physical strength.

Confessional: Cliff

I need to be  low key this season and not let my natural challenge abilities make me too much of a threat. I'll just gather wood and boil water and keep everyone happy so I won't be an early target.

Confessional: Sugar

I'm excited to play this game. I have no idea why I'm on the Brawn tribe. I haven't gained that much weight since my last appearance on the show. [laugh]

It is the ultimate challenge. BRAWN vs BRAINS vs BEAUTY. Which trait will prove to be the most valuable?

Confessional: Matt

My whorish ways will go less noticed this time round. I'm so hot but sadly my best sex shots are too big for the avatar thing. I'm sure you know what that means...too big [wink]

Confessional: Jon

I'm not trying to sound conceited but I think I should have been on the Beauty tribe because I'm a cis-white-heterosexual male who fits the typical definition of "hot". This is ironic because in real life, I'd be on the Brains tribe no contest.

...and who will have what it takes to outlast all the rest...

In the end, only one will remain to claim the title of Sole Survivor....

25 Days.....18 People.....One SURVIVOR!


Episode 1: Let the Shitshow Begin

The tribes arrive at the beach where KYOGRE123/JEFF PROBST gives them a warm welcome...

Jeff: Hello and welcome to Kyogre's Survivor Bali: Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty. Thank you all so much for signing up and making this game happen, it wouldn't have been possible without you. As you may have noticed, you have already been divided into three tribe:

Brains Tribe:

Jonathan Penner
Lisa Whelchel
Tyler Fredrickson
Neleh Dennis
Jean Robert Bellande
Tasha Fox

Brawn Tribe:

Sugar Kiper
Jon Misch
Denise Stapley
John Cody
Natalie Anderson
Cliff Robinson

Beauty Tribe:

Matt Elrod
Jefra Bland
Jay Byars
Heidi Strobel
Joaquin Souberbielle
Morgan McLeod

Tyler: What?!?! I'm in Brains??? Yes! And there I was, thinking I'm too boring to be a brain!

Matt: Hey beauties

Jay: Look at all those beautiful people [wink]

Natalie: Hey fellow beefcakes!!

Lisa: * looking confused  You know I was a former pageant queen right, Jeff?

Jefra: Hey Beauty tribe!

Jon: Hello Brawn tribe!

Jeff: Ok guys, here are your buffs! Brain tribe, you will be wearing BLUE and your tribe name is BATIN. Beauty tribe, you will be wearing GREEN and your tribe name is TUBUH. Brawn tribe, you will be wearing RED and your tribe name is SEMANGAT. Oh and all of you will be leaving on the same beach! (the host's lazy excuse for cross-tribal alliances and private rooms, yay!)

*the three tribes head to their beach. One Beach. ONE WORLD*

Confessional: Joaquin

I am a combination of all 3, but I am surely appreciative to amongst some beautiful tribe mates on Tubuh!!!!

Confessional: Sugar

The game hasn't officially started yet but I sent out a few pm's, which I will call feelers. Planning ahead I am going to need a couple of cross-tribal allies, within Beauty and Brains. I've sent pm's to Neleh, Jefra, and Matt. I assume we'll shuffle and merge at some point. There's almost no way to make it to the end of Survivor without mingling across enemy lines. This game is bound to have some tough competition in it so planning ahead is going to be KEY!



*everyone shakes hands or fist bumps each other, there's no HUGGING  on the brawn tribe*

Sugar: Hey! Let's not be like the Brawn tribe from Koh Rong. Ready to win Team? *FORESHADOWING*

Denise: I hope we have an active group!

Cliff: Hey tribe, we look pretty strong. Just a warning I likely won't be around for challenge 1. Hopefully this won't be reason to vote me out, if we would happen to lose. I'll be an asset in challenges, plus I'm loyal and don't make secret alliances with people from other tribes. *looks at Sugar while saying this*

Jon: I'll be here but mobile.

*Sugar, Denise and Natalie go look for wood  in the jungle while the boys start working on the shelter. *

Sugar: Hi girls. What do we think of Cliff? He showed up. His remark about secret alliances was weird and out of place.

Natalie: Yeah I didn't know how to feel about that.

Sugar:ok good it wasn't just me!!

Denise: He's been accused of it before, and wants the record known that he isn't doing it now.

Natalie: Oh like in another game?

Denise: It seems to me, if he is going by the Mystery idea, of not knowing any identities, then he couldn't have any secret alliances! I don't know any identities. I don't want to. I like the Mystery aspect.

*Sugar and Natalie look at each other, confused*

Confessional: Sugar

Cliff said, I'll be an asset in challenges, plus I'm loyal and don't make secret alliances with people from other tribes.

That about got my paranoid ass freaking out right now. Is he throwing shade at me? I am opting NOT to comment. He might just be throwing that out there since in general, people do double dip a lot in Mystery Games! If not then someone has told on me. But there's not much they can do. My girls are aware of my cross tribal endeavors. So I'm probably just being paranoid. This guy is DEFINITELY going home first though, just in case he does have any info.

Confessional: Natalie

I'm such a bloody idiot for joining this. I'm a former winner, the only place to go is down. Ah well let the shitshow begin. I'm good with being Brawn. Makes sense since I'm a CrossFit goddess.

I've talked to everyone but Cliff on my tribe. I have a winners alliance with Denise and we have pulled in Sugar to make a solid trio. Sugar is interesting and fun but hopefully loyal. I worry about her since she's already talked to Matt and apparently wants me her and Matt to be a trio lol She needs to settle down and not overdo it.




*after a bunch of awkward hugging and hand shaking*

Neleh: Hey everyone!

Lisa: Hey Brain Tribe!

Tyler: I'd love to cuddle with you all, girls!

Lisa: I think you will be the cutest guy on our tribe by far.

*Penner is looking confused that no one is talking to him*

Neleh: Hi Penner! <33333

Tyler: Penner! What's up, my man?

Penner: What is up my brainiacs! I am loving the people in this tribe. 100% devoted to this tribe. Tyler you look good without a shirt on you sure you're on the right tribe?

*Tyler is surprised by this comment. Neleh and Lisa begin to laugh*

Tyler: That's the spirit, Penner! I think I'll keep my shirt off during challenges to distract the girls from these other tribes

Neleh: You look like a bug Tyler. With the glasses you do.

Tyler: That. is. hurtful

*Tyler, Neleh and Lisa go look for some water while Penner stays behind. Tasha and Jean Robert are hiding behind a tree. BASKING in that INVISIBLE edit*

Tyler:  I think the three of us make a good team!

Neleh: Me too!

Lisa: I thought we would make a good team!

Confessional: Neleh

Ok so I'm on the same tribe as Tyler and Lisa. We're discussing to bring in someone to get majority of we lose the first challenge. If I feel like we aren't gonna have a majority, I will definitely throw Lisa under the bus though. I will do anything right now to further myself in the game. Even if that means betraying the good christian B-Word

Confessional: Tyler

Ok, so I tried contacting Tasha, cause Penner wants to have something with me and someone else from the girls.

Lisa is clearly retarded, so I don't trust her one bit and Neleh is obviously super busy with her life that she asked for an alliance and then didn't even bother saying a single word after. I mean, you worry about your position in the tribe and you don't even talk to us... That's really smart, Neleh...





***the boys arrive first, drop their tribe flag and instantly begin flexing. The girls take off their clothes and put on some really revealing bikinis on***

Jay: Hey again tribemates.

Matt: Our tribe name makes me feel like Jeff is calling us fat.

Morgan: Hey tubby lol

Matt: You want to rub my tub? hehe I meant my belly before anyone gets too pervy.

Morgan: *giving Matt the stink eye* Yeah... I'm just gonna walk away now.

Matt: [laugh] relax Morgan I was just word playing.  *FORESHADOWING*

Joaquin: Let's go Tubuh!!!! A pleasure to be in this tribe.

Jefra: Our tribe name is awful. [laugh]

Matt: We should go into challenges chanting our name like that and throw the other tribes in a WTF trance.

Heidi: *puts on her glasses* Tubuh is Indonesian for body. Because we are the beauty tribe, we all have beautiful bodies. We also are all pieces that form something whole. Like a body. *sighs* I'm obviously too smart for this tribe. I still think I should have my own super tribe called Heidi!

Jay: Lmao we have the best tribe. Hands down.

Joaquin: Jefra my love, your last name do you no justice. Such beauty, with a mega-watt smile!!!

Jefra: Thanks!

Joaquin: No Problemo!

Confessional: Heidi!

I'm not so sure about this tribe: You have Matt who I guess somehow went from Jesus lover to actor? Apparently he's hot now, but he is still stupid. Then there is Morgan who has very large breasts, but was she naked in Playboy? No, no she was not. Get on my level, and then we'll talk. Jefra has the stupidest name I've ever seen and looks and sounds like her parents were possibly cousins. Jay is admittedly attractive but also extremely stupid and I am pretty sure his muscles are all show, no function. Joaquin is the only person who is possibly on my level. He is handsome as he should be, but he also has legitimate physical strength and not just pretty boy muscles. And he has a real corporate job, which shows me he obviously has some form of intelligence. Probably not as high of an IQ as me, but he has something going for him, and at this point, I'll take anything.

Confessional: Joaquin

Matt seems okay, but there is something I can't put my finger on with him (just...something). As for Jefra, cute chick, but boy when someone compliments you, atleast form a complete sentence and say more than "THANKS". I will let her pretty face side this time, next time I'm coming for her!



Jeff: Come on in guys!

Welcome to your first Immunity Challenge. Because it is the first one, I decided to go easy on you

This challenge consists of two parts. The first part will be 5 questions, all related to the Survivor US TV show. Once you have correctly answered the 5 questions, you must then find the hidden word in those answers with the clues given.

Once you have all 5 answers to the questions, collected all 5 letters, and solved the mystery word, ONE PERSON will be responsible for sending me the answers to the questions,  PLUS THE MYSTERY WORD AS THE TITLE OF YOUR PM. THE FIRST TWO TRIBES TO ACCOMPLISH THIS WILL WIN IMMUNITY!

The tribe that finishes last will get nothing but a date with me at tribal council, where someone will become the first person voted out of Survivor Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty.

I will give you 10 minutes to strategize, then we will get started.


Jeff: Survivor ready.......GO!!!!

*TUBBY/BEAUTY tribe working on the challenge*

Jefra: I will do question 1 and 4.

Jay: I can get 2 and 3.

Matt: I will do 5 and help with what's not found by that point.

Jay: Jefra, do you need help with yours or the word?

Matt: REPTO!  Question  I used an unscrambler tool and got these. I don't get it


Jay: WTF I can't seem to think of any words that make sense.

Jefra: *looking at the puzzle board, confused. She finally SEES THE LIGHT* POWER!!! It was first letter of last name, not first for Tina lol. I sent!!!!

Jay: lmao oh ok.<3


JEFF PROBSTSY:  BEAUTY has won immunity! They are all safe from tribal council!!!!

cheers  cheers  cheers

We are looking for one more tribe, will it be Brawn or Brains???? Keep working guys!

*SEMANGAT/BRAWN tribe working on the challenge*

Sugar: who wants to be the sender? me?

Denise: Yes Sugar if you are confident, it can be you

Jon: Answers:

Tina Wesson
Michele Fitzgerald
Enil Edam
Blood is Blood

Sugar: WREOP is that I get from that. Do we have to unscramble it?

Jon: Power! I sent. Power was the title and I copied the answers I posted here.

Denise: I got POWER too, Jon. If you sent, that is good, You match me

*Batin/BRAINS Tribe working on the challenge. Jean Robert, Tyler and Penner are sleeping back at camp, they forgot to wake up in time. Neleh is running around the challenge area and moving her arms all over the place, being no help at all. Lisa, and Tasha work hard on the challenge*

Tasha: Are we the only ones here?

Lisa:  Number 5 is Philippines So you will send Tasha?

Tasha: *moving puzzle pieces all over the board and not sure what to do* It is actually WRLOP. AHHHHHH

Sexy Host: BRAWN HAS WON IMMUNITY!!!! Which means sadly, the BRAINS tribe is going to tribal council tonight. Congrats to the Beauty and Brawn tribes for immunity!

Jefra: Good luck brains!

Denise: Thank god. Good luck brains.

Jon: I thought you were an atheist Denise Razz

Denise: Well, that $1million must have changed me in many ways guys!!!

Sugar: good luck at Tribal Council!

*all three tribes head back to the beach*

*back at camp*


Jefra: I wonder which Brain will be going home tonight...I haven't thought too much of the brains tribe or seen many of them around.

Matt: I barely remember the people on that tribe. Lisa, Tyler, Neleh, Tasha...

Jefra: Plus Penner and Jean-Robert who are by far the less actives...

Jay: Ya I bet it's one of those 2.


Jon: Yay my answers got us the win!  cheers I hope my contribution today shows you guys I'm useful because I might not make it tomorrow since I could get called in to work.

Natalie: Sorry I wasn't here. Work is such a bitch sometimes <3 I knew we'd win though because this team is badass

Sugar: i knew we'd win too  cheers i got a little nervous for a second but it was okay. Brains were too busy analyzing stuff. And it's ok Misch you helped us so much tonight. You can have tomorrow off  I love you  I'll be here but might be a little late.

Cliff: Good job tribe. Sorry again I wasn't around.

Confessional: Cliff

Immunity win for Brawn and Uncle Cliffy had to do nothing. Sugar approached me after the challenge and already has beef with Denise. I said being too chatty can make you a target and that appears to be the case.


*Lisa and Tasha arrive at their shelter, defeated*

Lisa: It's over, we're going to tribal

Tasha: I know it sucks, you had the right word but we had to have the answers right and I was rechecking but didnt get it in time

Tyler: *wakes up from getting his beauty sleep*  Girls, I am really sorry I couldn't make it on time! I will be able to participate in every challenge this week though, so if you keep me, I can definitely help the team!

Penner: I'm sorry I couldn't make it either. I'm really good at these things when I am around! *FORESHADOWING*


Confessional: Penner

So my ass is probably going home. This happened in my last game too, it started while I was away. I wish this game hadn't of started until next week!

Confessional: Neleh

So I know I'm a target tonight. I'm fighting harder than I ever have to stay in this game





Behind you is a torch, go ahead and grab one, dip it in and get fire, because fire represents your life in this game. When your fire is out, so are you.

Jeff: Well unfortunately, you guys lost today. It sucks to be the first tribe to have to go to tribal council, but someone has to lose. Neleh, why do you think your tribe lost tonight? Have you noticed any weak links yet?

Neleh: I would say Penner and Jean Robert are definitely our weakest. I mean I wasn't here but at least I've posted and gotten to know people. The strongest are the goddesses Tasha and Lisa <33333

Jeff: Penner, you gotta feel nervous when Neleh makes a comment saying you're one of the weakest...

Penner: I can help with challenges just yesterday was not a good day for me! I really do like this tribe and hope we can stay strong going forward!

Jeff: Jean Robert, what are your thoughts on the game so far


Jean Robert?

*no response*

Ok it is time to vote, Tasha you're up....

*Tasha votes*

*Penner votes*

Penner: I may be saved just yet!  Hoping he goes and not me!

*Lisa votes*

*Neleh votes*

*Tyler votes*

Tyler: Everyone here stinks but I will cast my vote against the person whose ass stinks the most!

*writes down JR's name and shows it to the camera*

Tyler: Take your stinking asshole away from us, damnit!

*Jean Robert doesn't stand up from his stool. We're a bit worried, but we have learned to accept him for who he is*

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes....

IF anybody has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so....

*no one stands up*

Ok, once the votes are read the decision is final, person voted out must leave the tribal council area immediately, I'll read the votes.....

First vote...

Jean Robert (penalty)

Second vote...

Jean Robert

Third vote...

Jean Robert

Fourth vote....

First person voted out of Survivor: Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty...

You need to bring me your torch.

Jean-Robert, the tribe has spoken.

#Blindside #NotReally

Time for you to go.

Well, you guys voted out one of your inactive players tonight. The question is, will this vote make your tribe stronger? We will find out at the next immunity challenge. Grab your torches and head back to camp, good night.


Next time on....SURVIVOR!

Living on the same beach has its perks as cross tribal alliances are created and solidified. Plus, an announcement from Probst about Hidden Immunity Idols makes the castaways go on a search frenzy!

Neleh: I need that Idol so bad!!!! If Matt and I can both get an idol, we have more power in this game than anyone!

*shot of Cliff looking up a tree*

Cliff: Uncle Cliffy decided to take a stroll to search for that idol. Being tall and knowing one's way around plant life has its advantages [biggrin]


Jean-Robert Bellande:

The first person voted out, and while the cast may not see it this way, it was probably the most devastating vote off for me BECAUSE I WAS EXPECTING SO MUCH FROM THIS BETCH. OMG LIKE I CRIED ALL NIGHT AFTER HE WAS VOTED OFF.

But I understand, he was busy in real life and I am not going to hold it against him. <333 He's such a g.oddess and I just hope one day, if I ever host anything again, I can see him be the amazing player that I know he can be. #HurriKepner #JusticeForNaomi

Jean-Robert Bellande was portrayed? by
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Episodes Thread (rough drafts)
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