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 Episode 3 Confessionals

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Jon Misch

Jon Misch

Join date : 2016-03-02

PostSubject: Episode 3 Confessionals   Wed Mar 09, 2016 12:23 pm

So all hell has broken loose on this tribe. Literally the only people who can feel safe are Cliff and Sugar because there names have not come up at all to the extent of my knowledge. The girls and I have talked and we want to vote John but since none of us supposedly have the idol that would mean that either John or Cliff have it. So tonight has to be a blindside.

What is scary is that apparently everyone thought I was tight with Denise so Sugar said that the best path would probably to make John and Cliff think it's me (I knew we would have to have someone play the guinea pig and get their votes, I just didn't want it to be me). But I also have a plan with the guys and that plan is to vote Natalie since Sugar is stronger in the challenges. So if they are telling me the truth then Natalie will have two votes and John Cody will have 3 and I'm not going anywhere. However, I am worried that Natalie is nervous about her name being thrown out there and I would not put it past her to vote me to save herself.
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Jon Misch

Jon Misch

Join date : 2016-03-02

PostSubject: Re: Episode 3 Confessionals   Wed Mar 09, 2016 12:27 pm

So I have gotten little response from John Cody about voting Natalie today which tells me that he is either busy with life and can't get back to me more than a single, one-lined PM, he feels like the whole guys alliance is BS and he knows it, OR he thinks he is safe due to having the idol and he is using it tonight. All of the above options are scary for me.

All he asked me was whether or not I think we could get Cliff down to vote with the guys and vote Natalie. I told him Cliff was the one to come to me with that so yeah we could easily. That makes me wonder if Cliff even messaged him about the vote.

I'm thinking that if John doesn't get on soon that I can suggest to Cliff that maybe we could vote John instead. I'm not sure if that could happen or work but we shall see.

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Episode 3 Confessionals
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