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 Final Tribal Council Vote

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Tyler Fredrickson

Tyler Fredrickson

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Final Tribal Council Vote Empty
PostSubject: Final Tribal Council Vote   Final Tribal Council Vote EmptyWed Mar 30, 2016 11:52 am

Both players played a good game and that can be witnessed by where they stand right now. Heidi was lucky to be part of a tribe that never lost, staying together till the end, while Sugar had to fight all the way till the end after the merge.

Heidi adopted a quite annoying persona throughout the entire game, while Sugar's lies cost 5 people their game. She had a chance to redeem herself during the jury process, but kept being rude and dismissive towards me, losing any chance for my vote.

It is a game and I have to vote one of them to win, against my better will.

I hereby vote
Final Vote:
to win the game.


Best of luck in future games!
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Final Tribal Council Vote
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