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 What a cunt...

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Tyler Fredrickson

Tyler Fredrickson

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What a cunt... Empty
PostSubject: What a cunt...   What a cunt... EmptyWed Mar 16, 2016 2:46 pm

Sugar's pm's:

Quote :
I voted Heidi hopefully nothing has changed, it's really quiet. I feel like a lot of people are counting on me and it's a sad feeling cause they'll be mad especially Heidi will. She thinks it's me her and Joaquin and Jefra to the end. Maybe I can just act like it wasn't me, there's still a lot of voters around to hide. I just don't like drama. Brawn was full of drama and I'm ready for happy times cheers how are you doing today?

Quote :
Well you and Penner are the 2 I have the strongest connection to. I looked at Lisa's PM and it did have Penner in the list I think Jeff maybe forgot. Cause I just copied and pasted it to him. It wasn't anything I was trying to do though. you and penner would be the first 2 in my room Very Happy I believe yu but I have to be honest we're going to need to cut some brains loose along the way for me to seriously trust anyone. but we can focus on that later.

Quote :
Works for this lady. I am trying to figure out the dynamic of your tribe. I see moves can be made and I understand nobody wants to tell me yet for what they plan later cause I'm still building trust. I feel like there's more game to played there in your team that will include me in it. the beauties are crafty and they're definitely up to something and id rather not go with them long term. You and Jonathan and Jay are my favorites!

Quote :
That's basically what I ascertained from observing you guys. it's been a rough game for me and I want to make things a little easier for me of course. Very Happy well I hope whatever happens we still have options after this. I hate idols a lot and would hope they all go away tonight.

Stupid Rachael, if you're Sugar, you really need to go to a psychiatrist cause if you are such a pathological liar I think you are, you will never be able to gain your patients' trust.

You should be ashamed of yourself
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What a cunt...
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