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 Game week #7

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Matt Elrod


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PostSubject: Game week #7   Tue Mar 15, 2016 11:06 pm

I may very well be on my way out tonight. I know I've been chatty, posting a lot. I know I've made myself look like a challenge threat. All things I said I wouldn't do but just can't help. IT'S IN MY BLOOD.

I did do all I could to save myself without using the idol. I believe the votes will come down to Tasha and Heidi, but I'm not discarding the fact I could be blindsided. If Jefra or Heidi flips, I'm done. If they idol the right Brain, I could be done.

They pushed for Neleh to go, this is obviously not ideal for me so I pushed back with a passive plan to get Tasha out. If it works, I will have no choice but to toot my own horn.
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Game week #7
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