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 Confessional #4

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Jonathan Penner


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PostSubject: Confessional #4   Tue Mar 15, 2016 6:02 pm

Well either my tribe are just s bunch of followers or I'm being led on. This seems all too easy to be orchestrating the votes. With the exception of Jon, everyone seems to just want to do whatever I want. When I'm trying to make it seem like it's someone else's idea.

The vote is between Heidi and Jon. So far, as long as everyone is telling the truth, this is how everyone is voting -

Jonathan -
Tasha - Heidi
Sugar -
Jay - Jon
Jon - Jay
Matt - Heidi
Heidi - Jon

So it's basically up to Sugar and I. Sugar, Jay and I have formed an alliance. We are 1 person from each tribe, and personally I think it would be amazing if we all managed to make final 3. No one would suspect a thing. I still have Tasha and Tyler on my side, so that's a plus too.

It would be great to make merge without Jon and Heidi. Maybe Matt too but he seems nice, just not sure where his loyalties lie.

I have an hour left to vote, hoping Sugar come on soon!
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Confessional #4
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